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Cisco Commands

Nützliche Befehle für Cisco

Befehl Kurzform Beschreibung
enable Enter privilege mode
configure terminal conf t Configure interface
show session Open Session
show version IOS version
dir file systems Available files
dir all-filesystems File information
dir /all Deleted files
show running-config show run Config loaded in mem (Memory)
show startup-config Config loaded at boot
show ip interfaces brief Interfaces
show ip route Routes
show access-lists Access lists
show arp Display ARP-Tabelle (IP und MAC-Adressen)
terminal length 0 No limit on output
copy running-config startup-config Replace run with start config (save configuration)
copy running-config tftp Copy run config to TFTP
erase startup-config Deletes the start config
delete flash:vlan.dat Deletes the vlan configuration in switch